bloomberries Baby Head Protector Cushion Backpack for Crawling-Baby Head Protection Pillow with Chest Strap Adjustuble for 3-36 Month Babies- Lion (Orange)

Price: ₹1,699 - ₹999.00
(as of Dec 27, 2023 06:23:33 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Cute animal designsCute animal designs

Cute animal designs

What sets our Baby Head Protector Pillow apart is its fun and engaging design. It comes in various charming cartoon animal designs, including a cuddly rabbit, a playful duck, a fierce lion, and a gentle elephant. These adorable characters add an extra layer of charm to your baby’s safety gear, making it a delightful accessory for your little explorer. So, whether your baby is crawling, taking their first steps, or simply enjoying tummy time, the Baby Head Protector Pillow ensures that they can do so with added protection and a touch of whimsy. We believe that safety doesn’t have to be boring, and with our innovative design and delightful characters, your child can embark on their adventures in style and comfort.


When the baby falls,mom hears it !When the baby falls,mom hears it !

Anti lost leashAnti lost leash

keeps baby's head safekeeps baby's head safe

Build in squeak- Bibi device

It alerts mom when the baby falls, thanks to built-in squeak. Plus, it’s easy to handle- you can freely take out/put in the backpack anytime

Anti-lost leash

The baby backpack is thoughtfully designed with a user-friendly anti-loss rope buckle, making it a breeze for parents to secure it to the anti-loss rope and keep their little ones close at all times

Hollow design

Facilitate your baby’s sitting and walking journey effortlessly! The backpack’s hollow design ensures the safety of their little head by effectively reducing impact force as they embark on the adventure of learning new skills. A content baby takes happy steps!

Falls Alert with “Bibi” Sound: Our Baby Head Protector Pillow comes equipped with a “bb device” that emits a gentle “bibi” sound when the backpack hits the floor, instantly alerting parents when their baby falls. Peace of mind for parents, and added safety for your little one
Adjustable Straps: Elastic shoulder and chest straps keep the protector in place and can be adjusted to your baby’s size. They are comfortable and won’t scratch your baby’s skin, giving them the feeling of a comfy backpack
Stabilizes Baby’s Head: Our unique head hollow shape keeps your baby’s head stable, providing the perfect fit for when they tumble. It offers gentle cushioning and ensures your baby won’t get hurt
Lightweight & Practical: Our Baby Head Protector Pillow weighs only 240g (8.5 oz), so your baby won’t feel weighed down. It’s an ideal gift for baby showers, especially when your little one is learning to sit or walk

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