SHAYONAM Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine Pan, Noise Dampening Washing Machine Feet with Tank Tread Grip for Washer and Dryer, Protects Laundry Room Floor Non-Slip Mats Moisture Proof Mats

Price: ₹999 - ₹179.00
(as of Dec 26, 2023 15:23:46 UTC – Details)

Product Description


SHAYONAM Noise Dampening Washing Machine Feet with Tank Tread Grip for Washer and Dryer


The washing-machine pads minimizes electric appliances’ vibration and noise. We use durable rubber materials for excellent shock absorption and noise reduction, so we can solve the problems of “walking” of household appliances and damage to the floor.






Is the floor under the washing machine always hard to clean? Does the washing machine always make the floor wet?

Washing machine pads solves the problem that troubles you! The floor is no longer damp, clean and dry!


Lower the center of gravity of the washing machine! By reducing vibration more effectively, the washing machine no longer “walking”.

Your family and neighbors will no longer have to put up with noise when your washing machine is running.


No matter what kind of floor material your floor is made of or if you have a carpet, our washing machine foot pads can absorb the impact of electrical vibration, and protect the floors and electrical appliances from damage.


Tools Free, Easy to Install

1.Make sure the washing machine is securely positioned and level to the floor.

2.For safety reasons, you’ll need a helper first.

3.Tilt the washing machine slightly, aim a pad at the leg of the washing machine off the floor, and press down hard.

4.Repeat the action to install pads on the other three washing machine legs.

Warning: Considering the weight of the washing machine, we recommend that two people should be required to install it. Please be careful when installing!



More Stable – This Furniture Pads Has The Effect Of Shock Absorption, Noise Reduction, Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support . The Smoother The Ground, The Stronger The Gript. And It Won’t Scratch Your Floor.
Multi-applications – This Is An Anti Vibration Pads For Washing Machine & Anti-slip Rubber Washer Pad With Shock Absorber Suction Cup. Suitable For Most Washing Machine, Dryer, Refrigerator, Table, Sofa, Bed And Other Furniture On The Market.
High Quality Material – The Suction Cup Is Made Of Soft Rubber, Which Can Protect The Floor From Damage When Moving, Shaking Or Walking. The Main Body Is Made Of Plastic, Heavy Duty Construct. It Is Durable Under Wet Or Harsh Environments.
Easy To Install – Just Install Under The Feet Of A Washing Machine Or Dryer, No Tool Or Messy Adhesive Is Required. After Installation, Your Furniture And Home Appliances Raised By A Few Centimeters For Convenient Cleaning And Preventing Moisture.

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