Kids Station Made in India Furniture Safety Locks for Kids, Child Safety Locks for Drawer, Cabinet, Cupboard, Baby Proofing Product, Strong Adhesive Safety Lock (Beige (Pack of 6 Locks))

Price: ₹399 - ₹279.00
(as of Dec 26, 2023 08:25:34 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Kids StationKids Station

Nylon Strap Safety LockNylon Strap Safety Lock

Baby Proofing Safety LockBaby Proofing Safety Lock

Safety LockSafety Lock

3M tape3M tape

Safety LockSafety Lock

Sturdy Nylon Strap

The sturdy nylon strap safety lock is a robust childproofing tool suitable for cabinets, drawers, and appliances. Its durable design ensures long-lasting protection while maintaining adult-friendly access through a straightforward locking mechanism.

Open Click Mechanism

The open-click mechanism is an intuitive system that allows quick and easy access for adults while keeping curious toddlers out. With a simple press and release action, it securely fastens cabinets and appliances, providing effective childproofing without compromising convenience.

Strong 3M Self Adhesive

Ensure a secure and hassle-free installation of our baby-proofing safety lock with pre-taped 3M double-sided tape. This high-quality adhesive provides strong, long-lasting bonding, keeping the locks firmly in place to protect your child from opening the cabinets and drawers.

Blends in with Home Decor

Blend seamlessly into your home decor with our baby-proof safety locks. These locks are designed to fit discreetly upon the furnitures and appliances, ensuring your little one’s safety without compromising your interior style.


Childproof Design

Our nylon safety lock boasts a childproof design, offering ultimate baby proofing protection. Crafted from durable nylon, it installs effortlessly to secure cabinets and drawers, keeping little ones safe from harm.

All ProductsAll Products

2) SUPER STICKY 3M TAPES: Sticks strongly with super sticky 3M tapes on their back to stick on any surface you want. Difficult to remove for kids.
3) NO ROCKET SCIENCE INVOLVED IN INSTALLATION- A PEEL AND PASTE MODEL: You don’t need to do much physical or mental labour while putting these safety locks on your drawers, toilet seat, refrigerator. Just clean the surface on which it is to be applied. It has adhesive 3M tapes on the back of both plastic ends. Just peel the 3M tape covers from one end and paste it. Then accordingly peel off the other end’s tape and paste it.
4) MADE UP OF ABS PLASTIC: The ends are made up of ABS plastic which are strong, durable and does not break easily until and unless you are a super mom or dad.
5) NYLON STRAP: The straps are made up of nylon that holds the plastic ends tightly together.

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