Urban Company Native M1 Water Purifier | Needs no service for 2 years | RO+UV+UF+Alkaline with Taste Adjuster | 9-stage filtration | 8L capacity | 2 year warranty (Filters included)

Price: ₹17,999 - ₹13,499.00
(as of Dec 25, 2023 23:09:08 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Native M1 Premium 1Native M1 Premium 1

Native M1 Premium 2Native M1 Premium 2

Native M1 Premium 3A Native M1 Premium 3B Native M1 Premium 3C Native M1 Premium 3D Native M1 Premium 3E 1 9-Stage Purification 2 Stages 1-2 3 Stages 3-4 4 Stages 5-7 5 Stages 8-9

Native M1 Premium 6A Native M1 Premium 6B 1 Reverse Rinse Technology 2 Certifications

How does Native M1 have a 2 year filter life?

Native M1 uses a multi-micron filtration process of gradually removing impurities to extend the filter life. In addition, reverse rinse technology reverses the water flow every few hours to clean the filters.

What is the maximum TDS for which M1 Water Purifier works?

The machine is designed for upto 2000 input water TDS and is suitable for all water sources – borewell, tanker and municipal water.

What support is available post purchasing Native M1?

Urban Company offers a one of a kind zero cost support which covers all visitation charges, filter, membrane and electrical part costs. After 2 years, when you service the Native M1 from Urban Company, the support renews for another 2 years.

What is included with the product?

M1 water purifier, installation kit, pre-filter & free installation (includes uninstallation of old machine). In low rise buildings and independent houses where input pressure is <10 PSI, a pressure enhancing kit (Rs. 2000) needs to be purchased.

9-stage water purification: RO+UV+UF+MTDS filtration boosted with alkaline and essential minerals. US FDA certified 99.99% pure water. Ideal for all water sources – tanker, borewell and municipal water
8 litre storage: 8L food grade tank with integrated UV light inside the water tank. Eliminates bacteria and viruses, preventing against water-borne diseases
2 year zero-cost on-site warranty by Urban Company. Filter & membranes covered. Avail warranty in one-click from the Urban Company app
Free installation by Urban Company at your preferred date and time
Box contents: Water Purifier, Pre-filter, installation kit, digital user manual & warranty card

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