SUN PACKERS Radiation Protection Anti-Radiation Chip (Phone, Tablet, Mobile) Anti-Radiation Chip (Laptop, Mobile, PC, Tablet, Phone) (10)

Price: ₹8,999 - ₹2,999.00
(as of Nov 03, 2023 05:20:56 UTC – Details)

Growing number of doctors and scientists believe that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation from sources like Mobile and other wireless devices surrounding us puts us at a risk of higher stress levels, reduced fertility, lower immunity, sleep disorder and even heart diseases. is a unique Radiation Protection Chip that protects you from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emanating from your mobile. This is done by changing the nature of harmful radiations and making it harmless for the human body without reducing the signal strength or quality from the device. The has been tested extensively in India and abroad by reputed medical institutions. Clinical trials have proven a significant reduction in stress levels. Improvements can be seen in various health parameters such as pulse rate and stress levels. It is a must have accessory for protection of your health!
Enhances immunity by protecting against harmful health effects of electromagnetic radiation emitting from Mobile Phone. The chip is clinically tested & certified by Max Healthcare, India
Works equally well when used over a mobile cover or case. Does not interfere with the phone signals ensuring no adverse impact on signal strength

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