Mirada Cute Grey Penguin Soft Toy for Girls/Kids | Huggable Hoodie Penguin Soft Toy | Stuffed Plush Animal | Ideal for Birthdays & Special Occasions – 25cm

Price: ₹699 - ₹523.00
(as of Nov 03, 2023 18:09:24 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Mirada Super Soft Penguin Soft / Plush Toy Series

Mirada Super Soft Hoodie Penguin Soft / Plush Toy SeriesMirada Super Soft Hoodie Penguin Soft / Plush Toy Series

These are made of Soft plush toy material, making it a very fluffy and adorable Penguin. Wonderful Cuddly Fantastic Made of 100% polyester. Perfect for hugging and snuggling.



Baby SafeBaby Safe



Imaginative Play: Penguins are fascinating creatures that spark curiosity and wonder. Our Penguin Soft Toy Collection encourages imaginative play and teaches children about the wonders of the animal kingdom.
Adorable Design: Each penguin in our collection is thoughtfully designed with attention to detail, capturing the essence of these charming birds and making them extra adorable for little ones.
Lessons of Discovery: Dinosaurs represent a fascinating era of history, teaching valuable lessons about curiosity, exploration, and the wonders of our planet’s past.
Gifts of Joy: Our Penguin Soft Toys make delightful gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that deserves a touch of cuteness and love.
Package Content- 1 Penguin, Colour- Grey, Size-25cm.

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