Neatlay (Energy Anti-Radiation Negative ION Card) & (Anti Radiation Gold Sticker) Set of 2

Price: ₹700 - ₹349.00
(as of Oct 30, 2023 16:10:02 UTC – Details)

Card Health Benefits:- Improves your Blood Circulation 1) Care for your Heart and enjoy greater peace of mind. 2) Protect you from harmful Electro Magnetic Radiation. (EMR) 3) Rapid relief from pain, Body Discomfort to achieve better health. 4) Achieve a balance state of well being for better health. 5) Rapid relief from tired legs, Feet and prevent foot odour. 6) Maintain food freshness stored in refrigerator. 7) Improves sleeping patterns and sleep quality. 8) Enhance Vitality, Vigour and Physical well being for men. 9) Reduces Harmful Substances contained in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. Sticker Benefits: The positive effects of anti radiation sticker. *Boosts signal and *Reduces harm full EMF waves up to 90% from electronic objects. *It can be fixed inside back cover of mobile so it does not effect design and also you can chose your favorite mobile cover. ANTI RADIATION CHIP is a reliable solution against the hazardous radiation from mobile phones that can very effectively stop incoming radiation from the cell phone by reflecting and absorbing it with a thoughtfully and scientifically designed technology which has multiple layers of protection built in it. It protects the brain and ear tissues from these harmful radiations with effecting the operation or range of your cellular phone. Benefits :- No doubt, mobile phone, computers, household gadgets many other user friendly electronics which we use has become a part of our daily life. However, these are the same gadgets that are affecting the health of our families and us. The unseen radiation slowly kills our body cells and causes many severe health issues such as cancer, fatigue, and others.

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