Sensory Feel and Explore Play Mats for 0-2 Year Old | 10 Textures | Big Size

Price: ₹1,099 - ₹999.00
(as of Sep 25, 2023 14:03:37 UTC – Details)

Walking Pathway: The mats can be arranged in a pathway, allowing children to walk on them and experience different textures under their feet. This promotes balance, coordination, and sensory integration.
Lightweight and Portable: Easy to fold and store, these mats are perfect for on-the-go playtime, whether at home or while traveling.
Promote Cognitive Development: By engaging with various textures, children learn to distinguish and identify different sensations, supporting cognitive growth.
Enhance Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating the different textures helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in young learners.

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