Storio 3 Slides 24 Patterns Mini Projector Torch Toy Slide Flashlight Projector Torch for Kids Sleeping Story Toys for Toddlers, Educational Learning Toys,Space,Animal &Foods

Price: ₹99.00
(as of Sep 23, 2023 07:37:31 UTC – Details)

Storio’s Mini Slide Projector Flashlight torch, Kids Projection Light Toy Slide Flashlight Lamp Education Learning
The best sleep companion for children: The children’s slide projector is composed of multiple modes and is easy to use. You only need to pull the plastic cover to replace the slide, then insert the selected disc and rotate or adjust the disc to observe the projected image. It is recommended to use a darkroom with a projection distance of 50-150 cm to create clear and accurate images, suitable for children to grasp, easy to carry, and give children a sense of security at night!
Children’s slide projector: Unlike most projectors on the market, our projectors have more pictures and more vivid colors. Different pictures and groups of themes (randomly matched with different themed videos are shipped), just turn the lens head to focus, let your child enter the magical animal world and plant perception!
Early education of toys and sleep stories:Let children understand common sense of optics. The projected images at different distances will look different, which is amazing! Multi-mode play, play and learn, stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination. The best parent-child interaction puzzle early education light-emitting sleep story boy and girl toys
NOTE: Random colors with random slides will be sent as per availability.

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