Shubhanjali Anti-Radiation Mobile Chip,Shungite Protection Stickes for Mobile Phones,Laptop, Tablet SHUNGITE EMF-Shields for Smartphones,Anti Radiation Mobile chip Pack of 1

Price: ₹1,599 - ₹518.00
(as of Sep 17, 2023 20:30:26 UTC – Details)

Shungite is extremely grounding and that it’s also believed to help shield you from electromagnetic frequencies.Coal is categorized into nine types if you include graphite. But there is only one Shungite. While coal can be changed by heat and pressure, Shungite is not effected by either heat or pressure. The difference between the two similar materials is in the molecular structure. Simply put, Shungite is made up of molecules that should exist in the vacuum of space but not within the geology of Earth.To harmonize microwaves from CELLPHONES / SMARTPHONES, these flat ‘CHIPS’ (stick on the back) are working well.We offer bigger CHIPS for NOTEBOOKS and LAPTOPS – of course they work for phones as well. You can expect a better effect in harmonizing / neutralizing the harmful EMF effects with bigger size.
Product Weight: 5 Gm Approx.Product Package:-1 Piece of Shungite Mobile Chip.25-30 mm Approx.
It is fixed on mobile phone , wi fi box, microwave oven, television and other electronic appliances
Shungite Chip for Mobile phone.This can be used in the phone cover or can be glued/Double Tape over the phone or electronic devices like wifi box, laptop, tablet etc.
Mobile chip Radiation Protection Chip for Mobile mobile for radiation anti radiation chip for smartphone.

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