Anab Gift International Webcam Cover Slide | Ultra Thin Laptop Camera Cover Slide | Blocker for Computer MacBook Pro iMac PC Tablet

Price: ₹1,299 - ₹148.00
(as of Sep 13, 2023 00:09:50 UTC – Details)

Product Details:
You must use a Webcam Cover for every device in your home or office that has a Webcam and can be connected to the internet.
It’s crucial that your new webcam cover does not interfere with your ability to completely close or fold your laptop. Webcam Cover is only 0.56mm (0.022 inches) thin and it otherwise can be on even the thinnest laptops.
Why do I need a Webcam Cover?

  • Nowadays, Hackers and Spy-Agents can easily take over control of your Webcam and can spy on you remotely.
  • To prevent these Hackers from spying on you, you must always cover your Webcam when not in use.

How to install a Webcam Cover on my device?

  1. Clean the surface of your device around the Webcam
  2. Remove the adhesive liner from the back of the Webcam Cover
  3. Align the hole of the Webcam Cover with the camera lens and press firmly for 15 seconds
  4. Slide the cover left / right to open and close the camera

Ultra-thin: Super thin design, perfect curve edges, and extra mini size, which means it can be perfectly combine with your devices. Webcam Cover is only 0.027 inches thick and does not feel its existence when the laptop lid is closed
Universal Design: Webcam Cover is compatible with most Laptop Computer, Smartphones, iPad,iphone, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Tablets PC, PS4 and all-in-one desktops. Many pieces package, meet your all cameras need
Super Sturdy Adhesive: Solid durable, because the strong Nano gel provides durable and reliable connection between your devices and webcam cover. Also, the adhesive can be easily applied and removed from the device without any traces
Easy to Install: Use a dry cloth to clean the surface of your device’s webcam, then remove the 3-M adhesive tape from the back of the camera cover Slide, align the lens and attach the protective cover to the lens, and firmly press for 15 seconds to achieve a strong, but non-permanent seal.

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