EMUNKS MI 10I Anti Radiation Chip Sticker for – Compatible for All Mobile Phones, Tablet, iPad iPod, Mac-Book, Computer & Laptop

Price: ₹499 - ₹199.00
(as of Sep 08, 2023 23:08:21 UTC – Details)

100% brand new and high quality Feature: Round anti-radiation mobile phone sticker, mobile phone anti-radiation quantum shield. Made of radiation protection film and negative ion film, releasing negative ions that neutralizes positive ions produced by electronic devices, to protect our health from EMF radiation. The use of special materials to absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation wave, so as to reduce the damage of cell phone radiation to the human brain. Restore old rechargeable battery capacity and extend battery life. These stickers act as blockers and protector, neutralizers reduce negative radiation. Reduce radiation by up to 99% of EMF Radiation. Increases your body natural energy against harmful EMF waves. it protects your immune system from penetrating EMF radiation, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy. With fashion and cool design, you can stick to any back part of your devices without affecting the beautiful appearance of your devices. These stickers will sparkle in the light, a good decoration of your devices too! These anti-radiation protectors can be easily applied on phones, laptops, tablets, PC, TV, microwaves or any other electronic devices around your house. Create protection with these EMR Shield’s on your mobile phone, tablet or other appliances. Provides a safe and harmonious environment for you and your family. Specifications: Item Type: Quantum Shield Sticker Material: sticker Size: sticker diameter: 28mm/1.1in Color: Gold Function: mobile phone prevents radiation, saves mobile phone power, and contains negative ion energy. Quantity: 1pcs/box Usage: 1.The anti-radiation patch back tape peel, with glue paste near the antenna parts (paste this site can reduce the radiation rate in more than 90%), another method can be pasted on the mobile phone battery (paste it in such a way that can reduce the radiation rate from 60% to 70%,

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