Envirochip – Electrosmog Protection Chip for Mobile Phone | Clinically Tested | Reduces Stress | Improves Heart and Brain Health | Kolum Spiral Design – Black

Price: ₹799 - ₹580.00
(as of Aug 02, 2023 15:06:27 UTC – Details)

The Envirochip for mobile phones is a patented technology that protects you from ElectroSmog caused by phones, without compromising the device’s performance. Envirochip is a clinically tested EMF harmonizer which deals with harmful electrosmog emitted by personal wireless gadgets at the source itself. Electrosmog emissions (EMR) refers to the constant waves of the Electrosmog (EMF) produced by wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, laptops, WiFi routers, and other sources such as mobile towers and high-tension wirelines, etc.
Envirochip is CE certified. Tested at AIIMS India and found to improve Brain Health. Tested at Max Healthcare, Medanta and Apollo Hospital and found to improve Heart Health – Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
Works equally well when used over a mobile cover or case. Does not interfere with the phone signals ensuring no adverse impact on signal strength.
Compatible with all smartphone and feature phone brands. Disclaimer: It is recommended to use the Envirochip on the phone cover if your phone has a matte, glass, metal matte, or fiber glass matte finish as the adhesive on the Envirochip may not stick properly to these surfaces.
Compact, non-intrusive design with easy application & adhesive for stronger grip and durability.

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