Mogli Mosquito Swatter – Dual Mode Racket – 6 Months Warranty – 1200mAh Lithium-ion Battery – Made in India – ABS Heavy Duty Plastic – Micro USB Charging – Black Rose Gold – Insect Killer – Standing Mosquito Bat

Price: ₹1,299 - ₹699.00
(as of Jul 28, 2023 18:30:24 UTC – Details)

🦟 Innovative Dual Mode Racket for Ultimate Mosquito Control: Experience unrivaled mosquito control with our Mogli Mosquito Swatter. Mode 1 allows you to manually zap mosquitoes with a simple press and hold of the big button, while Mode 2 employs UV light technology. Just place the swatter on the charging stand, and it automatically attracts and eliminates mosquitoes. 🔋 Long-lasting 1200mAh EV Grade Lithium-ion Battery: Our swatter boasts a high-capacity battery equipped with BMS for extended battery life, ensuring you remain protected from mosquitoes for longer periods. Recharge conveniently with the included Micro USB cable wherever you are. 🇮🇳 Proudly Made in India with Quality in Mind: At Mogli Industries, we prioritize Indian machinery and raw materials to produce this swatter, guaranteeing premium build quality and supporting local industries. Experience the excellence of Indian engineering. 🛡️ 6 Months Piece-to-Piece Replacement Warranty: We stand behind our product’s reliability with an extended 6 months replacement warranty, offering you peace of mind and customer satisfaction. 💪 Superior Build Quality for Ease of Use: Our swatter is crafted with durable ABS heavy-duty plastic and rust-free Aluminium GI metal mesh. Its unique design ensures comfortable handling and easy usage, making mosquito control effortless. 🌿 Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free Mosquito Control: Our Mogli Mosquito Swatter is eco-friendly and safe for you and the environment, as it does not utilize any harmful chemicals in its operation. Keep your surroundings mosquito-free without any worries. 🔍 Discover the Joy of Mosquito-Free Living: Say goodbye to mosquito woes with the Mogli Mosquito Swatter. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can now enjoy a mosquito-free environment effortlessly. 🎯 Target Your Mosquito Problem at Its Core: Embrace the perfect blend of innovation, power, and safety with our Dual Mode Racket. Make your home a mosquito-free zone and protect your loved ones
Powerful 1200mAh EV Grade Lithium-ion Battery 🔋 : Unmatched longevity with our high-capacity battery, equipped with BMS for long-term battery life. Conveniently recharge with the included Micro USB cable, ensuring easy charging anywhere.
Proudly Made in India 🇮🇳 : We prioritize Indian machinery and raw materials for manufacturing, ensuring premium quality and supporting local industries. Virtually visit our manufacturing unit to witness the production process.
Amazing 6 Months Piece-to-Piece Replacement warranty 🛡️: Enjoy peace of mind with an extended 6 months replacement warranty, ensuring worry-free usage.
Superior Build Quality 💪🏻 : Crafted with durable ABS plastic and rust-free Aluminium GI metal mesh, our swatter features a unique design for easy handling and use.

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